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The brothers Mandel have nearly forty years of combined experience working in the marketing and advertising industries. Between them they’ve been on the agency side, the client side, the publisher side, and have done it all. In early 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, they decided it was the perfect time to start an agency together, because, well, why the hell not.

Based in New York and Texas, respectively, Jason and Phillip provide their clients with strategic thinking in all aspects of business, from branding to lead generation to sales training to copywriting, and much, much more. As a bonus, Jason brings the expertise of an MBA and Phillip brings the creativity of an MFA in Fiction—so there’s plenty of book-learnin’ to go around. Phillip is the author of the business-writing book, An MFA For Your MBA (see more work here) and publisher of the acclaimed literary magazine, Abandon Journal.

We focus on creativity, strategic thinking, and generating great ideas, the last of which are, sadly, in short supply these days. We work with small businesses as their marketing director, we work with large businesses on writing headlines and ad copy, we work with sales teams on streamlining their process and developing their business, and we work with everyone in between.

As the great Bill Murray says in Ghostbusters, “No job is too big. No fee is too big.”

Some of my roles: Marketing manager. Media director. Sales development manager. Sales director. Founder and managing editor of Abandon Journal. Short story writer. Novelist. Songwriter. Bass player and singer in punk bands. MA, Literature (NYU) & MFA, Creative Writing-Fiction (Texas State University).

Phillip Mandel

Some of my roles: Dad. Creative director. TV producer. SVP, Marketing. VP, Business development. Marketing Manager. Copywriter. Songwriter. Drummer in a punk band. MBA.

Jason Mandel

Sophia Fox is a public relations and marketing professional who specializes in content writing and social media. She is passionate about creating great, engaging social content for any organization in any industry.

Sophia Fox

Social Media Manager
Emily is a marketing, design, and copywriting specialist. She is passionate about helping brands of all sizes reach their creative business goals. In her spare time, Emily is an actor, writer, and filmmaker.

Emily Gerber

Social Media Manager
Word nerd, grammar geek, oxford comma advocate, editor extraordinaire. Consists primarily of queso.

Maria Edwards

Senior Editor
Chiara is a creative digital marketing professional with a bachelor of science in general economics. She has experience developing local and digital marketing strategies, with a passion for social media and communication management. She enjoys exploring new places and trying new things, so you never know where she might be next.

Chiara Stock

Marketing Strategist

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