Can You Learn To Write?

As Martin Amis said, as quoted in the bottom of our website, “All writing is a campaign against cliché.” But writing well is hard, and cliché is easy. So what to do? Well, there are two schools of thought when it comes to learning how to become a better writer:

  • Writing can be taught.
  • Writing can’t be taught.

As the author of book about writing, An MFA For Your MBA, I come down strongly on the side of the former. But besides reading my excellent book, what are some other ways to become a better writer?

That’s where writing workshops and business writing courses come in. As the title of my book suggests, I got an MFA in Creative Writing. This is a three-year graduate program dedicated to developing your writing skills through study, reading, and writing workshops. I found it tremendously helpful in becoming a better writer–both creatively and in business.

But you don’t need to drop out of life for three years and go to an MFA program (though I enjoyed mine, at Texas State University). There are also many independent writing workshops and online courses out there that can help as well.

And even our very own blog has a ton of business writing advice as well as some business writing prompts and a randomized writing prompt generator to help fuel your creativity.

become a better writer with online courses and workshops

Using Writing Workshops and Online Courses To Become A Better Writer

We asked a couple of other professionals what they thought of writing workshops and business writing courses, and this is what they had to say.

Refined Editorial Skills Through Workshops

Having taken several writing workshops and business writing courses, I can confidently say they have been instrumental in shaping my editorial approach at Carnivore Style. These courses offered structured guidance on crafting compelling content and emphasized the significance of adapting our messaging to resonate with our target audience.

One key takeaway was the importance of storytelling in our brand narrative, enabling us to forge deeper connections with our readers. Moreover, these workshops instilled in me a keen eye for detail and consistency, ensuring that our content maintains a high standard of quality. Attending writing workshops and business writing courses has been invaluable in refining my editorial skills and contributing to the success of Carnivore Style.

Gabrielle Yap, Senior Editor, Carnivore Style

Effective Email Writing Techniques Learned

A business-writing course that I took recently turned out to be very useful, particularly in learning how to write effective emails. One takeaway was that emails should group important points at the beginning. I’ve repeatedly used this in my writing, which is when people respond quickly, and the same goes for my communications.

Zoe Miller, Strategic Business Leader and Market Analyst, Tea Time Facts

Reach Out To Mandel Marketing For Help With Writing

Improving your writing skills will help you in any endeavor, from content marketing to conducting status meetings efficiently to emailing your coworkers about last night’s leftovers. Getting better at communication saves money and time, too.

So if you want to become a better writer, especially in a business and professional setting, reach out to Mandel Marketing for one-on-one writing workshops. Using the insights of my book, we will help you develop your writing skills and communicate more effectively in the workplace.

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