Mandel Marketing’s Approach To Content

From blog articles to social media posts to white papers and eBooks, content is what makes digital marketing stand out from traditional forms of advertising such as tv commercials, billboards, or radio spots.

We place content marketing very highly in our list of tools in the tool belt, because it allows a company to differentiate itself from the competition as well as reflect its corporate values and brand.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t make full use of the flexibility and breadth that content marketing has, and instead treat is a sub-bullet of a sub-bullet in their overall mix. This leads to boring blog articles, bland social media posts, and company news that nobody cares about. Then the companies wonder why their content marketing doesn’t work.

What Is Content Marketing?

So what is content marketing? The term comprises a lot of different elements, such as social media posts, infographics, videos, blogs, articles, white papers, and more. Companies and their marketing partners create this content and share it on their website, on social media, and elsewhere, in order to accomplish several different goals, such as attracting new leads, educating potential consumers on their product or service, establishing an authoritative voice, and position as a thought leader in their industry, and generating a following online.

The Benefits of Content Marketing in Austin

But since content marketing is done by each company itself (or their agency), the beauty is that you can really tailor your work to reflect your own company voice and tone. For example, an article about font and typography, like this one here, will read much differently when written by Mandel Marketing than when written by some other agency. Similarly, your company might produce a white paper about a specific topic in your industry, and it will almost certainly be much different than a white paper written by your competitor, especially since your POV on the topic will be (or should be) different. If it isn’t any different, then that should be an indication you have some research to do and an opportunity to differentiate yourself.

Contact Our Team Today

If you’re looking for an experienced agency to help with your content marketing in Austin, contact Mandel Marketing today. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your content is custom-tailored to your company’s voice and message. We will help you create content that can differentiate you from the competition and help you stand out for your customers. Contact us today by giving us a call or use our contact page to send us a message or book a half-hour meeting with us. We look forward to working with you!

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