Coming up with a marketing plan is hard.

Luckily, with Mandel Marketing you have decades of experience to help you out. We start with discovery; that is, tons and tons of research to figure out where you’re at in the marketplace. Then we attack the problem with our best tools to come up with a digital marketing strategy for your small business that will help your brand stand out and your revenue grow.

Strategy and tactics are not the same thing.

When we’re talk about a marketing plan, we’re not talking about the specific topics we’ll be writing about in our content marketing strategy (though we will get there, eventually). That’s a tactic, just like running a paid search campaign, or sending out an automated email DRIP campaign on Hubspot.

Rather, we look at strategy as the roadmap that will inform which tactics we use when we help you grow your business. Some companies–but not all–will benefit from a healthy social media presence, while others could make great use of video. But one solution doesn’t fit all, which is why we do our marketing strategy planning first–before we start putting pen to paper.


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