Mandel Publishing is the publishing arm of Mandel Marketing. We’re excited to put all kinds of terrific new books out in the world, from business and practical advice to all kinds of nonfiction. For literary endeavors, please visit Abandon Journal.

Our Books

Our first title is the top-selling business insurance guide, The Business Insurance Playbook: 5 Strategies to Simplify Your Buying Experience and Win the Insurance Game, by Micah Salas, CIC. (He’s also currently accepting new clients, if you’re in need of buying or renewing business insurance!)

Upcoming Titles

We’re currently in the hunt for our next great author! Have something you’ve been working on? Give us a shout using the form below.

Please describe the project, your background and credentials, writing experience, and if you have a full manuscript, a draft, or a proposal. Please do not send us any emails or attachments directly. We will reach out if interested.