Business Development and Sales Optimization

Here at Mandel Marketing, we work behind the scenes with a team to help them grow sales and generate revenue, even when it’s not, strictly speaking, “digital marketing.” Often called “sales marketing” or “sales development,” this service will find us working directly with Sales Directors or Chief Revenue Officers to help them scale their team, hire and train sellers, develop sales materials and pitch decks, and help with the script.

As part of this, we’ll spend a lot of time talking with senior sales staff and management, developing the value proposition of the product, researching the competitive marketplace, and looking into CRM tools and/or marketing automation. As anyone who has been a salesperson knows, selling is freaking hard. So be prepared to work.

The Business Development Austin Business Owners Love

Our team knows how to help scale and grow businesses, and we want to help you develop your business. When you get in touch with Mandel Marketing, you’re taking the first step to bring your company to new heights. We are always excited to discuss the possibility of working together, so reach out today to start growing. Contact us by calling, booking a half-hour block on our calendar, or using the form on our Contact page to send us a message. We look forward to working with you!

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