Yeah, we know: trends come and go. But in the digital marketing space — or any advertising space, really — you have to be aware of what’s happening, and how to take advantage of it, or, like the horse-and-buggy, you will be left in the dust. Now, a stinky little corporate blog is no place for a comprehensive overview of everything happening in the advertising world at any given time, but here are just two huge digital marketing trends that we at Mandel Marketing have seen in the past few years — Podcasting and Live Video — which we recommend business owners should consider trying out, in order to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


It used to be that everyone had a favorite podcast they listened to (we, personally, recommend Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and the always-hilarious Hollywood Handbook).

Today, however, almost everyone hosts their own goddamn podcast–many have even more than one. People are consuming information at such a fast rate these days, not only because they can, but because there’s a lot to discuss.

Well, the best part for you, as a business owner, is that the many podcast apps available make starting one a breeze. People are listening to podcasts while driving to work, jogging around the block, or even at home doing their chores. Today, there is a podcast for just about any niche one can imagine. With so many ears tuned in to the shows, digital marketers are finding ways to target niche audiences.

Brands will pay top dollar to get any ideal connection with consumers. If they can find a place to target their ideal client on a regular podcast, they’ve hit the jackpot. Engagement is everything in the world of online marketing. Once a brand provides an email address linked to their podcast, people can send in questions. This works well because clients appreciate connecting with the businesses. It’s also an excellent way for brands to get ideas for what to talk about on their podcast.

Businesses are also working with influential podcast owners. Any huge podcast is the perfect place to pay for an ad. However, the podcast influencer doesn’t have to run a big show: as long as they have an engaged and loyal — and in many cases, fanatical audience — this is a good target for anyone looking to market.

Live Video Content

As we said earlier, things change quickly in the digital marketing arena, and it’s difficult to maintain the pace. While in 2015, you could easily get by with regular pictures on social media, these days you have to do more. Video advertising has been around for a while now, but it keeps changing and improving with new technological advancements. Today, people don’t need any fancy gear to go live — just a smartphone and one of those weird circular lighting thingies that all the insta celebs take with them everywhere.

Live video is the thing now. People want to experience meaningful interactions in real time. And going live on social media platforms does the trick best. One can answer questions from their audience right on the spot. Live videos can help you grow a loyal online community that will go ahead and promote your brand for you. Many businesses have seen massive growth on their social platforms thanks to live video. The bigger the following, the greater the chances of conversions.

Besides running personal live videos, one can also promote what they want on an influencer’s video presence. This way, advertising still happens without having to get behind (or in front of) the camera itself.

So, Where’s the Mandel Marketing Podcast & Video Feed?

Glad you asked. We’re working on it.

Stay tuned.