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Freelance Writers: the Good, the Bad, and the Lessons Learned

In a previous post, we discussed how to become one of that coveted group of freelance writers in the world: tips, tricks, and opportunities. This freelance writing guide is only one half of the equation,…

Great business books
8 Great Business Book Recommendations

Oh, the magic of a great business book. The classic trope of a hard-charging, inspirational, and insightful business book abounds, on the dusty shelves of now-empty corner cubicles, in the dark corners of dark libraries,…

business writing advice
6 Free Pieces of Business Writing Advice

Some Free Business Writing Advice From The Experts In a couple of months, Mandel Marketing founder Phillip Scott Mandel is coming out with a business writing advice and communication book, An MFA For Your MBA. The…

30 Writing Prompts

Jump-Start Your Creativity With These 30 Helpful Business Writing Prompts Writing is hard. Every writer knows this, because they’ve spent time at the desk, staring into space wondering what in the hell to write about….

So, You Want To Write a Book? (Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Begin)

I’m Going to Be an Author! Thinking about writing your first book? Even to an entrepreneur or a business leader, writing a book may seem like a daunting task. Perhaps to become the leader you…