Your Brand Logo Is Very Important To Your Business.

As a marketing agency, we had go through an extensive logo and brand creation process — not only because we believe it’s important, but because it’s part of our service offering. How could we possibly expect anyone to buy our service as thinkers if we wouldn’t even spend good thought-time on our logo and brand?

Merde! A strong brand and a memorable tagline, this is good marketing. Sacré bleu!

First Impressions

Logos are often the first, and most basic, piece of communication that someone will see from you or your company, and so it is essential that it reflect some important tenets of what you want to communicate. For example (and note, these questions relate to your brand both as a human, and as a company):

  • What are your values as a business?

  • What does your company stand for?

  • Why should people want to work with you / buy your product / engage with your brand?

Emotional Attachment

We’re going to get a little heady for a second, if you’ll allow it: people also develop emotional attachment to things in business, everything from the font used in the sales deck to the look and feel of the website, and especially the logo.

The incomprehensibly bad London 2012 Olympics logo.

I’ve seen people who are simply attached to horrible, terrible, stinkin’ logos. They hold dear to their heart these images that actively convey a bad experience — design firms that have logos with terrible designs, or tech companies whose logos are so bad you wonder if anyone there knows how to use a computer — and yet, if you ask them to change it, they start to get all weepy.

After all, the logo was there when they started the company, and they’ve done alright since, and it’s symbolic of those first few great years working out of the garage, when they were drinking cheap wine and screwing their brains out each night after a long days’ work — you know, of course, that none of that was real, none of those things ever happened, other than the endless hours of work, and it’s just a romanticized version of the past, but still…

Hire A Creative Agency To Help With Your Branding and Logo

We’re officially recommending that you release your emotional attachment to these types of things: fonts, logos, website designs. All of these things are, in fact, marketing materials. You are selling a brand at all times. In fact, when you pick out whatever dumb shirt you’re going to wear to Applebee’s this weekend, you’re selling a brand (“cool dad,” maybe, or “single and looking to mingle,” or, “deathly afraid of coronavirus”).

And we understand it’s not easy. You’ve put your life and dreams into your company, and it makes sense to have some kind of emotional attachment to it. But when the experts at Mandel Marketing tell you to get a new website, you should listen.

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