Why should advertising and marketing agencies consider white label copywriting services?

Sometimes an agency will take on a project or client for which they simply don’t have the resources–at least, not at the moment. Or perhaps the go-to copywriter is on leave, or working on another project and they can’t dedicate the time. Whatever the reason, white label advertising services are a crucial life-saver for many agencies, especially as a short-term stop-gap solution.

Traditional agency model vs. outsourcing

The traditional advertising agency model has been disrupted by everything from in-house creative teams to influencer marketing. To survive and thrive in this highly competitive era, agencies will have to offer unique and exceptional creative solutions to their clients. One of the most effective ways to do that is through white label copywriting, and Mandel Marketing can help. We are a digital agency in Austin that has decades of experience and unusually-gifted expertise in writing and editing for a plethora of categories and businesses of all sizes. The best part is that we not only work with many clients directly, but we also fulfill a lot of content marketing, strategy, and copywriting services for agencies around the country on the back-end.

This might come across as a shocker to many in advertising. After all, the fundamental idea of an agency is a copy-art team and brand management and production partners. How can one think of outsourcing that core function? Won’t agencies lose their focus if they resort to white label creative services?

Well, as this dire headline in Forbes notes, ad agencies are dying–so something has to be done. And Mandel Marketing is here to help (at least, with the white label copywriting part).

The new reality: More work, fewer people, lower revenue

To understand why you would need white label copywriting, let’s understand how the industry has fundamentally changed over the past decade. To start with, an advertising agency is not merely a creative services provider now.

An agency is supposed to be a brand custodian and marketing partner. Copywriting has become just one of the several functions of an agency. Agencies today have to conduct market research, study customer segmentation, prepare long-term brand strategies, and coordinate with multiple external vendors like media agencies, just to name a few.

The ever-changing complexities of digital marketing have only compounded the problem.

Since the average duration of a client-agency partnership has significantly come down, advertising agencies also have to constantly pitch for new businesses. With undercutting more prevalent than ever, ad agencies have to generate leads and convert them like any other B2B business.

All these have considerably increased the workload of advertising agencies. For most industries, an increase of functions would translate into higher earnings and therefore, wouldn’t be a strategic problem. But for agencies, revenue has either stagnated, declined, or is growing at a snail’s pace.

With low margins, there has been a demonstrable decrease in the number of people agencies keep on their payrolls. With fewer staff members and a significantly higher workload, using white label services is one of the smartest decisions an agency can make.

The advantages of using white label copywriting

To be competitive, agile, and be able to scale, some of the most reputed advertising agencies have been using white label copywriting services for years. It’s not difficult to understand why once you see the benefits it offers:

Expansion of services

Considering the services they have to offer, it’s not surprising that advertising agencies may not have in-house copywriters with expertise in all domains.

Maybe you have writers adept at creating newspaper ads or social media posts. But what if you need copy for packaging, leaflets, or brochures? What if your new client wants copy that’s primarily designed for SEO? Or maybe you want to include case studies in your pitch and showcase some samples.

In all these instances, you will get trained and experienced copywriters when you use a white label service. It not only plugs the gap in your current capabilities but also offers new opportunities to expand your services. For example, by adding email newsletters to your services, you can command more revenue.

Access to experts

The most reputed white label copywriting services use experienced professionals. These are copywriters who would have spent time with agencies, publications, and even dabbled in fiction and non-fiction writing. In other words, they know their craft.

They also come with experience across categories. Credible white labeling services use writers with proven expertise in everything from website copy to social media posts to long-form articles to television and radio spot scripts.

This gives agencies instant access to expert writers. Moreover, since they would have worked with advertising agencies or publications, they would be professional in their approach. They would know the process, from taking a comprehensive brief to the importance of honoring the deadline.

Cost savings

Hiring writers with varied experience and category expertise can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Outsourcing can solve that problem. You don’t have to hire too many copywriters in your team when you use a white label copywriting service.

The other option is to use freelancers. This method can also be expensive since you will have to pay per project. Ensuring that they have the time to take the brief, deliver the work, and incorporate the changes can also be a tedious task.

By expanding your services, you can up-sell to your existing clients or find new brands that would be interesting in the work. This will open a new revenue stream for you without having to invest in people or resources.

Time savings

In-house writers can be overburdened with existing projects, iterations, and pitches. Supervising them is a cumbersome task for creative directors and account managers. Other than the time it takes, exhaustive work can also take a toll on these individuals’ physical and mental health.

White label copywriting services would plan their workflow to ensure that they are not tasked with too many projects. Unlike an agency, they don’t have to regularly meet the client, read research reports, or discuss the campaign strategy. All these translate to significant time savings.

Focus on expansion

By outsourcing copywriting to a reputed white label service, you can focus on your agency’s core services. You can concentrate on the big communication idea. You can pitch to new clients. You can learn about new industries. You can up-skill yourself and the team on new technologies.

Focusing on such growth-oriented projects gives you a competitive edge. It will future-proof your agency and enable you to scale with ease.

Why you shouldn’t turn to AI or content farms

Getting AI-written copy may seem like an easy option, but it has enormous problems. You don’t want copy that’s robotic, piecemeal, cliched, and dry, and that’s precisely what you would get from an AI.

While these may not be problematic for user-centric interactions, AI-created copy is the exact opposite of what a creative industry like advertising needs to deliver. Importantly, do keep in mind that if you use AI, you will be using technology that your clients also have access to. If they figure out that you’re using AI-written copy, nothing would stop them from using it themselves.

The other option is the most commonly used one and unfortunately, it shows. If you opt for a content farm, you will be getting badly written, click-bait pieces that are just fluff. Bad English and poor grammar will force you to spend countless hours correcting the copy.

You will have to repeatedly seek changes and then wait for them to get back. These content farms that employ low-quality labor will certainly be cheap. But you will end up paying a lot in unprofessional work, missed deadlines, and dissatisfied clients.

Turn To Mandel Marketing For White Label Copywriting Help

Using white label copywriting services for your advertising agency is a practical and profitable choice. It saves time and money, gets you access to experts, gives you the freedom to focus on the big picture and expand your offerings and generate more revenue.

As many other industries have discovered, when done properly, outsourcing can be a game-changer. Ready to start? Call Mandel Marketing at (512) 655-9179 today, or contact us here.