Client Spotlight: Little Monsters Universe (Ecommerce)

Today we’re talking with Tina Salmanowitz, a former science teacher and founder of a beloved homeschool education brand, Little Monsters Universe.

Tell us about Little Monsters Universe.

Little Monsters Universe helps parents teach science in an engaging way. We offer a range of STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and math) based units. Currently, we cover preK to second grade, but plan on expanding in the future.

What did you do before you started your own company and began working for yourself? How did you decide it was time to be your own boss? Were you scared of making that leap, or excited, or both—how did you feel about it?

Before I started Little Monsters Universe, I spent 13 years teaching middle school science and crafting curriculum. But when my youngest arrived, I made the choice to step back and be with my children, soaking in those precious moments. I began homeschooling, and something beautiful happened—I fell in love with learning all over again, right alongside my kids. Witnessing the wonder in their eyes as they explored the world became my inspiration.

I knew there’d come a time when work would call again, but I grappled with not wanting to miss a single milestone with my children. That’s when I took a leap and started my own business. The fear was real, but it was outweighed by the nagging question of “What if I never try?”

Tina Salmanowitz, owner of Little Monsters Universe

How did you pick what business to start, and what was the journey like in doing it?

Teaching, planning lessons, and creating curriculum had always been my passion. So, it only made sense that my business would revolve around these things. And that’s how Little Monsters Universe, or LMU, came to life. Running a business while tending to a household and taking care of little ones opened my eyes to the juggling act it can be. Doubts crept in, questioning whether this path was right for my family. It’s a journey where time holds the answers.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going into business for themselves?

For moms out there thinking about starting their own business, I’ve got two pieces of advice: First, take that step even if it scares you. Give it a shot, or you’ll never know what could have been. Second, whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something you truly love. The effort you put into your business should be worth every moment spent.

[From the editors] Shameless plug: visit Little Monsters Universe for homeschool science lesson plans.