When we first started Mandel Marketing back in 2019 (in the Before Times, right as COVID was about to ruin everything), we developed an acronym that powered it all: D.R.I.V.E.

“DRIVE” is more of an internal theory that guides our marketing strategy, recommendations, and plans–but here it is, for public consumption:

Discover. This is all about research and learning.

Report. A ginormous presentation and go over with you what we’ve learned. A roadmap, if you will.

Ideate. The crux of Mandel Marketing: our thinking, brainstorming, strategizing.

Validate. The scientific method: test our theories against the research to ensure best practices.

Execute. Make it happen. Activate your campaign. Bring it to life.

So, now that you are privy to our little secret, how can we help drive your business? (Pun intended.)