Many brands want to make the best use of social media in their marketing mix. It can be fun, it’s ubiquitous, and it doesn’t require a million-dollar television ad spend. However, before you even begin writing your digital marketing plan, it’s crucial to understand why anyone would want to follow you (and your brand) on social media in the first place–otherwise, you’re just kind of driving in the dark, with no headlights, and no GPS.

In this article, the social media agency experts at Mandel Marketing take a look at why users follow brands on social media, and provide some valuable pointers.

Posts that embrace the conversation get engagement

Brands often make the mistake of thinking about sales or gaining followers. Of course, that remains the ultimate goal of social media, but it’s not always something you will see straight away. As is the subject of this article, it’s essential to look at why users want to follow you. The first pointer here is because your content embraces the conversation.

Your primary goal is to interact with your audience and drive engagement. Flogging a product or service is not likely to do that. Therefore, this is where you want to get in on trending topics, ask your audience questions, and use trial and error to work out what drives that engagement. When you achieve it, you want to carry on the conversation and use what you have learned to create your next social media post.

Activity that’s regular and consistent gains traction

One of the most significant rules of social media marketing is to be active on various platforms. The odd bit of engagement here and there won’t get you very far if you go quiet for days or weeks until your next posts. Therefore, make sure you have a plan for a regular supply of social media content.

The social media content you produce also needs to be consistent with your brand. Again, you should have a plan for the topics you will write about. When you have successes on digital platforms, these need to feed directly back into your brand. If you can stay active and be consistent, you will dominate your sector amongst competitors.

Content geared towards your audience will, by nature, get their attention

If you want to engage your audience and gain new followers, you need to create content that they will love. Some brands don’t take this on board, overthink what they want to share, and end with low engagement. So, you should drive into Google Analytics and analytics on your social media profiles and identify their interests and your best-performing posts.

Then, see what you can do to create content for them. Remember to stay consistent, so don’t create posts unrelated to your brand. However, think outside the box for ways you can tap into your audience’s interests and still stay on-brand. Don’t forget when your content is shared, that’s an opportunity to reach new users, and they are potential new followers.

Social media for brands is a long-term strategy

Remember, you want to gain new followers on social media, and not simply share new content for the sake of it. If you are too promotional, you are likely to turn users off, so keep things interesting, educational, playful, and engaging. The sales will come in the long run.

In a nutshell, to gain more followers for your brand or company on social media, do the following:

  • Create posts that embrace the conversation
  • Make sure you’re active and consistent,
  • Always gear your content towards your audience.

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