I have been a professional writer for a long time, and I have spent a lot of time, energy, and effort improving my craft. Just as a doctor is always learning new healing techniques and a basketball player continues to practice free throws every day, I practice writing and strive to improve, always.

Some people are naturally gifted writers, and others are not. Some people find it easy to communicate their ideas in clear, understandable sentences, while other people just can’t seem to find the words. People like Jay and me are here to help you take your ideas and thoughts and turn them into something other people can understand.

When people think that copy doesn’t really matter, that they can just write anything and it’ll work, they’re often wrong. Bad copy, at best, doesn’t communicate clearly and leaves your audience confused as to what you’re trying to say. This can be terrible for business, because you typically have only a small window to entice a customer to learn more about your product or service, and and even smaller window to convince them to purchase. If they don’t understand what it is you’re offering — you’re a laundromat but they’ve understood you to be a money launderer — then you won’t make the sale.

At worst, bad copy can actually hurt your brand. Look at the damage done by stupid tweets, thoughtless corporate communications, or braindead marketing campaigns. In March 2018, Snapchat lost $800 million of value after Rihanna responded to their tone-deaf ad that seemed to promote domestic violence.

My point is this: if you need to write something for your company and you’re not sure what to say, hire a freakin’ copywriter. Hire us, actually.